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my story

My name is Makenzi! I am the Owner and Lead Planner of Mosaic Moments. M&M is something I have put a lot of thought and prayer into. The name as well as the people we work with mean so much to me! I am here to make your day less stressful and to help you soak in every moment whether it is a birthday, baby shower, or wedding; that time is to be cherished with those you love the most.

I have been in the wedding industry for over two years now -- & oh what an honor it has been to serve so many sweet couples & individuals on their special day!

My interest in events started in college when I did an internship with an event planning company. From there, it has continued to spiral and become such a large part of my life. As not only your planner but also as a friend, it is my job & goal to make you feel celebrated well, cherished more than you can image, & as stress-free as humanly possible leading up to and during your event.

One of my favorite things about my job is getting to know each & every one of you so well. It's like gaining a new friend with each meeting, phone call, and event that takes place. I couldn't imagine it any other way - Here is to all that has come & all that the Lord still has in store.


Makenzi C

Our WHy



"A picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass."

The idea of mosaic moments for me is taking a bunch of different planned pieces, whether that be decorations or vendors, and pulling them together to form the event our clients dream of! There are many aspects and details that go into an event, but once they come together they form the most beautiful end result; just as pieces of colored glass put together forms a breath taking picture.

In a similar way, the Lord made the Church. Each of us are to bring our own abilities and strengths together to form the body of Christ. We are all made uniquely in His image and when we come together as a united body of believers, we are able to accomplish much more than we can individually. Romans 12:4-5

We’ll be there to help you plan these different aspects leading up to your event.

Once the big day comes, we’ll put all the pieces together to create everything you’ve ever hoped for.

Our packages

*all of our packages are customizable to cater to each of our clients personalized goals*

Full Service Planning

This is for those that want to lay out the budget and the vision board and say yes or no from there. From start to finish, we handle it all - Personalized vision meeting, assistance selecting vendors, direct vendor communication throughout, regular meetings, open line of communication with your lead planner (via cell phone), detailed checklists, venue walk through, rehearsal, unlimited hours day-of, 2+ day-of Coordinators, etc.

Partial Planning

This is for the bride/individual that knows what she wants -- and mostly knows the vendors she wants to use but needs some professional assistance and recommendations. After engagement: Vendor referral, 2 vision meetings, timeline and floor-plan creation, rehearsal, checklists, week-of vendor communication, 8-12 hrs Day- Of, & 2+ day-of Coordinators .

Day-of Coordination

This is for my type-A individuals. Has everything planned but needs professional help with executing it on the day of -- because lets be honest you can only do so much before you have to remind yourself that you need to sit back and enjoy the day. Consisting of; 1-2 informative vision meeting, checklist, timeline and floor plan assistance, day of vendor communication, 8-12 hrs, 1+ coordinator/s, etc

customer experiences



"I would 10/10 recommended mosaic moments to anyone!! Both Makenzi and Micah are so kind, patient, and extremely helpful! They are 100% on your side and make your day the absolute best it can be! They are full of joy and make the day fun and also meaningful. Their hearts for Jesus shines in everything they do which is amazing. They prayed for us on our wedding day which was super special. I loved that they were there for us 24/7, and they always listened to our ideas and helped make them come to life!"




"Makenzi is absolutely AMAZING. I did not have to worry about a single thing on our wedding day. She helped set up our reception, center pieces, arranged details for timings of things, literally everything. Makenzi does it all and she does it PERFECTLY. Not a single thing goes unnoticed. Not to mention the sweetest girl ever. She’s incredible."




"I was the type of bride who had a very distinct image of what I wanted my wedding to look like, and Mosaic Moments did the best job at making my vision come to life! They also made sure everything ran smoothly and timely so I had no worries on my special day!! Love this company!"


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